Selasa, 14 Julai 2009

Ahlan Wasahlan UiTM...

First of all, thank you to ALLAH for giving me a chance to write a bit of my experience in UiTM. And the story goesss……

27 June 2009
Today is the Registration Day. My family and I decided to register in UiTM a bit late because the journey to UiTM only takes one hour. I was a bit confused with the procedure of the registration. Luckily, one of the senior helped me. I went to my new room which is 1B-02-23. I will be staying at Mawar College for the past 4 or 5 months. Surprisingly, my friends back in my matriculation are in the same room as mine. They are Wardati Solehah and Farah. We chit chatted for a while and not long after; I cleaned the room and unpacked.

At 2.30 p.m new students had to attend a talk in HEP hall. The talk was conducted by seniors, and they told us about their details. They also had known as PM-"Pembantu Mahasiswa". So, in a MMS-"Minggu Mesra Siswa", they would guide and helped us to adapt the new surrounding here.


MMS started from 28th June 2009 until 3rd July 2009. MMS or Orientation Week was the most exhausted week ever. Mainly because every each day, we had activities planned for us. It was however, the MMS schedule was not too pack, because we did some time to do something else. Most of the activities were held in DSB-"Dewan Seri Budiman" and Annex Hall.

My college sweet college; Mawar (Rose)

Mawar is one of the colleges that locate many students and is quite far from the DSB and Annex Hall. We had to take bus, provided by UiTM. The funny thing was, even though the bus is big enough but the students’ amount is larger than the size itself. ”da jadi macam ikan sardin da”, said some of the students..LOL!!. The seats were fully utilized by students who took the bus earlier and those who got into bus a little later, had to stand and had to stand closely. Would you imagine how packed the bus was? Well, personally, I take it as one of the preparation to live in a campus life. And the situation will be a routine for every student in the campus especially for us, the Part 1 students. We have no choice unless we take an alternative way which is walk!. Plus, walking, in a way, is an exercise, a good one..isn’t it? LOL!!

A week in UiTM teaches me new things. One of the new things is the area of UiTM. For me UiTM is quite big compared to what I’ve experienced during Matriculation. UiTM Shah Alam is the main campus and has 25 faculties. It takes me quite a long period to remember the whole campus. In a week I am still cannot catch up the route of UiTM. The environment is the next thing in list and is different with the matriculation and school. I need to take my time to adapt with this new environment, new course, new subjects, new friends and much much more things. Even though I do not get the course I applied earlier, but I know ALLAH is more knowledgeable regarding this; what is the best for me. In Al-Quran.

He said:

“some time the thing we want is not the best for us and sometimes the thing that we do not want is the best for us"-(AL-Baqarah: 216).

InsyaALLAH, I will try my best to adapt the new life in UiTM. Pray for me.. (^^)v~